Delegate Your XTZ to     Get Dividend

On Tezos blockchain,delegation is value-added service. When you choose to hold XTZ, you should not just keep your XTZ in your wallet, you should delegate them to a Tezos baker to bake them, and get an automatic divided reward from the Tezos system. Not only are your helping secure the Tezos blockchain when you delegate or bake your XTZ, you are also protecting your Tezos holdings from being diluted by system inflation.

“Baking” in Tezos, is basically the same as “mining” in Bitcoin. Baking essentially runs a blockchain node to provide power, pack and inspect transaction info into blocks. Basically, a Tezos baker is like a Tezos employee who works for and in the Tezos blockchain and should get paid by the system for such work.

The Tezos protocol randomly picks bakers who offer delegation services on the Tezos blockchain so the more XTZ the backer holds and bakes, the greater chance that baker is chosen to earn additional rewards. Thus, it is in your best interet to delegate your XTZ to a well known and reliable baker who can potentially earn a greater reward for baking your XTZ.

Wetez is an early Tezos company dedicated to development of the Tezos ecosystem and to developing a more secure digital wallet for XTZ tokenholders to store and delegate their coins. Meanwhile, Wetez is also committed to providing stable delegation services to XTZ holders. Indeed, Wetez may well be the earliest and largest Tezos-focused company in China currently. Thus, choosing Wetez as a delegation service provider is worth your trust.