> How to download the Wetez wallet

1.Type in the official website url -- https://wetez.cn , and hit enter. Please bookmark the official url. If instead you reach the Wetez wallet website through a search engine, please make sure that you are on the right site to prevent potential phishing and other dangers.

2.Select which app you want to download (i.e., Apple or Android).

3.Note to users, please do not use the rooted android phone and jailbreak Iphone, those phones have the highest authority to control your phone, hacker may get your authority to stole your wallet file stored in app, and do not use software to clean up system files. Deep cleanup may delete some important wallet files.

> How to create a new wallet

On the home page, click the button in the upper left - click Create Wallet and follow the steps outlined.

> > How to import a wallet

On the home page, click the button in the upper left - click Import Wallet (note that you can choose to use your Mnemonic words (Backup Phrase) or private keys to import your existing Tezos wallet), and follow the steps outlined.

> If invalid mnemonics shows

1. Confirm that you have input the correct Mnemonic words (Backup Phrase) again.

2. Confirm that each Mnemonic word entered is separated by only one space (do not enter more than one space), and do not use the Enter key to separate these words.

> How to backup a Wetez wallet

1. In the process of creating a new wallet, Wetez will remind you to backup your Mnemonic words, if you forget to backup in the backup now page, you can back your Mnemonic words up by going to Settings.

2. Backing up your Mnemonic words is the main way to backup your Wetez wallet. You can go to Settings, choose a specific wallet that you want to backup, and then hit Enter on the backup page.

3、Click the Show button. Wetez will then show your Mnemonic words once you enter the correct password for that wallet. Wetez highly recommends that you write down your Mnemonic words on paper and keep them in a safe and private place. Do not show your Mnemonic words to anyone. If you are careless with the storage of your Mnemonic words, anyone who gets ahold of them can easily transfer your Tezos tokens out of the wallet.

4、On the Backup page, you can click the Export button to export your private keys. These private keys function the same as the Mnemonic words, so write them down and keep them very safe. Wetez recommends that you backup your wallet using Mnemonic words rather than by private keys because it is easier and more secure.

> How to send XTZ

1. Click send button in the home page.

2. Input the address and amount that you want to send to, and set a fee,then click confirm button.

3. Input your password and confirm to the next.

4. Wetez will broadcast your transact, it can be done until baker pack your transact into block and confirmed by 32 blcoks confirmation.

> How to recieve XTZ

1. Click Receive button on the Home page

2. Thereafter, show the QR code generated code to the sender, or copy your Wetez wallet address and send it the sender.

> Why wallet backup is extremely important

1. The Mnemonic words/private keys represent your ownership of your Tezos tokens. If you choose not to backup your Wetez wallet, you cannot recover your wallet should your device be stolen or rendered inoperable.

2. Your Tezos tokens are stored on the Tezos blockchain, Wetez does not, and cannot, provide a password recovery service. Wetez does not, and cannot, store your password on Wetez’s server or wallet code. This keeps your wallet safer. Thus, responsibility for the backup and storage of your Mnemonic words and/or private keys are yours alone.

3. Having a backup of the wallet’s Mnemonic words/private keys is the only way the access your Tezos tokens via the Wetez wallet should you lose your phone. Please backup your wallet immediately and keep it in a very safe place.

> What are Mnemonic words and private keys

1、Private keys are a long string of characters, like a bank account number and password combined. With these private keys, you can withdraw or send Tezos tokens.

2. The Mnemonics words are a functional substitute for your private keys. They are shorter and more easily remembered. Mnemonic words are used to generate your private keys through a certain encryption algorithm.

> How to store your wallet backup

1. Wetez highly recommends that you write your wallet’s Mnemonic words on paper, and keep that paper in a safe and secure place.

2、Wetez strongly discourages you from storing Mnemonic words/private keys on the internet or via the cloud where they could be hacked. Never transmit your Mnemonic words/private keys over the Internet once you receive them. For similar reasons, you should not use a screenshot when viewing your backed up Mnemonics words/private keys. Beware that some mobile phones will automatically upload screenshots to the cloud.

> What should I do if I lose my backup Mnemonic words or private keys

If you discover that your Mnemonic words/private keys are lost, immediately transfer your Tezos to a new wallet to avoid potential theft.

> Why is the generated wallet address different when you import an existing Tezos wallet

1. Confirm that you have input the correct Mnemonic words again.

2. There is a slight probability that entering the wrong Mnemonic words/private keys will generate a new wallet address instead of importing the old wallet address.

> What is delegation

Delegation is a value-added service set up in the Tezos blockchain. It allows users who hold XTZ to delegate capable baker, and get the system reward when baker bakes.

> Why should i delegate

The Tezos system will generate additional about 5% of total XTZ supply every year to maintain the development of the system. which will dilute the existing coin-holding accounts. The coin-holding account may choose to delegate the baker, and get the baking rewards when they bake, thereby offsetting the effect of the additional generation.

Meanwhile, delegation helps to improve the decentralization of the system, which, to a certain extent, will bring attention to Tezos, and increase the value of XTZ.

> How to delegate

The Wetez wallet offers a one-click delegation function. The only thing you need to do is transfer your XTZ to a Wetez wallet, Click the Delegate button and wait for your dividends.

>> Can i delegate to myself

Yes, this is called being a baker. But in order to qualify as a baker in Tezos, you must satisfy the following criteria:

1. Your Tezos account balance must be greater than 10,000 XTZ.

2. Before baking, you must “mortgage” or bond a certain amount of XTZ in order to obtain baking rights; (the current bond requirement is 8.25% of your staking balance).

3. You need must understand some basic computer commands and functions to build a baking server.

> What is the cost of delegating to myself or baking myself

1. You must buy or rent a node server.

2. You must program and build your delegation service.

3、You must maintain your server node 7x24 or risk losing certain baking rewards.

> What is the risk of delegationg to myself or baking myself

You need to bear the risk of the baking deposit (or bond) being deducted by the system. This risk depends on whether the service you build is stable or not.

> Delegate your XTZ to Wetez

Wetez is the first digital wallet built on Tezos blockchain in China. It provides both an XTZ storage and delegation feature. Users who delegate to Wetez pays nothing -- no deposit costs, no server costs—just click the Delegate button in Wetez and you’ll be ready to start earning rewards.

Our team comes from Alibaba/Baidu and Wetez can well maintain the stability of its delegation service. Wetez has, in fact, run its own delegation service on the Tezos' zeronet for quite awhile and has maintained a stable delegation service since that time. Thus, you can trust Wetez to earn you the most reliable baking rewards. Wetez is your most reliable delegation service provider on the Tezos network.

> Who own the XTZ after delegation

You do. Any XTZ you delegate to Wetez still belong to you, and you can transfer or sell your XTZ during the delegation process.

> How to calculate the delegation dividend

Lots of users are expected to delegate their XTZ to Wetez, Wetez will send appropriate dividends to delegators according to the XTZ proportion that any given user has delegated to Wetez during a certain period.

Assuming that Wetez is delegated 1000XTZ for any given cycle, the dividends earned are shown below:

Fox example, two users delegate Wetez 1000XTZ total. A delegates 600 and B delegates 400. Wetez bakes 2 blocks and gets 2000XTZ rewards during a cycle. After subtracting Wetez’s delegation fee(dynamic,10%), the remaining earnings will be distributed to the delegators in proportion. Using this example, user A will get 1080XTZ as a reward, and B will get 720XTZ as a reward via the Wetez smart contract.

The total rewards depend on the number of delegators and the number of blocks baked by Wetez. The more XTZ Wetez is delegated, the more blocks Wetez will bake thus leading greater dividends to be distributed to delegators. Therefore, we hope that you will select Wetez as your delegation service provider. Wetez has the necessary Tezos experience, high delegation volume, and simple one-click delegation integration.

> How to dividends are issued to delegators

Wetez will send earned dividends to delegators who delegate to us after a cycle snapshot.

> Will my XTZ spendable when delegating

Yes, but you may miss a share of the dividends if you transfer your XTZ during an onging baking cycle.

> Can i cancel my delegation

Yes, you are always free to cancel your delegation to Wetez but keep in mind that you may miss a share of dividends if you transfer your XTZ during an ongoing baking cycle.